From January 2024, a number of our services will be changing. Please see below for the summarised changes. 




Route 43 - January 8th 2024

Revisions to the timetable will take place on January 8th to allow the PM journey which serves Bishop Gore School to arrive there earlier (to prevent the surge of school children trying to board when the bus turns up after they have arrived at the stop). The bus will then travel dead to Bishop Gore School arriving at 14:50 – 14:55hrs. The bus will depart the school at the current time of 15:12hrs. On schooldays, the 14:30 Service 14 journey from Swansea will divert via Bryn Road in place of the current Service 43.



Taff's Well/Pontypridd


Route 111 – January 8th 2024

Revisions to running times. The 14:40hrs departure will move back to 14:50hrs, thus removing the need for a separate journey for Ffynnon Taf Primary School. The school journeys to and from Ffynnon Taf will be part of the route ‘111’ journeys, and fares will be charged as normal. No adults or children who travel on the school journey will be permitted to travel free of charge beyond the 8th January.


Route 103 – January 8th 2024

Journey time increased from 39 minutes to 47 minutes to improve route reliability.


Route 101 – January 8th 2024

Discontinued due to very low passenger numbers.





Route R1 – January 8th 2024

More running time added and as such, a reduction in the overall number of journeys.



Vale of Glamorgan


Route 89A / 89B – January 8th 2024

These two routes will be merged into one service and renumbered as the ‘305’. More running time added overall, to improve reliability.


Route 304 – January 8th 2024

Port Road and Fonmon Road removed from the route, to increase running time for the journey and to remove the conflict between buses and other vehicles in the very narrow section of Port Road. Buses will continue along Font-y-Gary Road instead.


Route 320 – January 8th 2024

St George and the Drope removed on all journeys, to improve timekeeping. Some minor reallocation of running times.


Route 321 – January 8th 2024

Some journeys removed to allow remaining journeys to keep to time. Increased running time on all journeys.


Route B3 – January 8th 2024

Service amended to serve Barry Interchange, resulting in one less journey overall, due to increased running time.