New Bus Routes for 2022 onwards 22/07/2022

Cardiff - Route G1

Adventure Travel was successful in retaining route G1, which operates in the North Cardiff / Gwaelod-y-Garth area when it was retendered earlier this year. We have committed to providing a smaller bus for this route, which is currently being built for us. This service is operated under tender to Cardiff City council. The G1 route temporarily moved to a ‘fflecsi’ demand-responsive service as part of a trial between Cardiff City Council, Transport for Wales and Adventure Travel, but the service has now returned to a standard, registered bus service.


Cardiff – Route 86

We were successful in winning route 86 (previously operated by Stagecoach) and we started operating this service in August 2022, under contract to Cardiff City council.


Vale of Glamorgan - Routes 303, 304, , 320, 321, 89A, 89B, 905

These services were all operated by Adventure Travel under contract to the Vale of Glamorgan council, but they were due for retender in April 2022. We were successful in retaining all of them.


Vale of Glamorgan - Route 100

We were successful in winning route 100 (previously operated by Cardiff Bus) when it was retendered in April 2022. Route 100 operates on a Sunday only and provides a circular service in Barry.


Vale of Glamorgan – Routes 88 and B3

When Easyway decided to close their business earlier in the year, we were successful in securing routes 88 and B3 which they had operated for some time. We purchased the vehicles from Easyway that had been used on these routes and kept the timetables unchanged.


Monmouthshire – Routes A3, A5, A6 and 68

Adventure Travel has recently won the contract to operate four routes in the Monmouthshire area, requiring a total of two buses. We have purchased Euro 6 buses for these routes, although we are currently operating some leased vehicles for a few weeks whilst the newer buses are being prepared for us. Our company has not operated buses in this area for quite some time. These routes are operated under contract with Monmouthshire County Council.


Swansea – Routes 14 and 24

We were successful in securing routes 14 and 24 in Swansea (previously operated by First Cymru). Although these are fairly short-term contracts for less than two years, this period of time gives us a chance to evaluate the route performance and decide whether to bid for them in the future. These routes are operated under contract with the City of Swansea council.



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