Disability Inclusion Project 27/02/2023


As a company, we are always looking for ways to improve our services for all customers. We train, educate and recruit staff that we know will take care with all passengers. Our drivers have had training with Guide dogs for the blind and The blind center.

Our bus drivers are fully trained with assisting people with wheelchairs and each bus is wheelchair accessible.

We are working on ways to improve our services for customers with hidden disabilities.

During March, we will be attending an event to highlight ways in which we are working to enhance our services and be mindful of those with hidden disabilities.

Hidden disabilities can affect people, without them showing any physical distress or symptoms.

Those with a hidden disability may be able to walk and talk without difficulty, but their disability may affect them in other ways.

We are teaming up with students and care workers at the University of South Wales Campus for their Transport Slam Event.

Here, we will raise awareness of ourselves as a disability inclusive company, whilst also taking all recommendations from students, staff and service users on how to improve our services for all.

We are passionate about social inclusion, independence and creating a supportive bus service for carer's and passengers with disabilities, and we are excited to work on ideas to implement positive change within our localities.