The results are in and our next Charity of the Year is... The Rescue Hotel!


Following the recent vote we held to determine our Charity of the Year for 2024, Cardiff Dogs Home, The Rescue Hotel, came out on top with a total of 671 votes. 

As a result, next year we will be working closely with the charity to fundraise and provide them with free advertisement to help support their wonderful cause. 


Who is The Rescue Hotel?


The Rescue Hotel is a small volunteer run charity that supports the work of council run Cardiff Dogs Home which takes in up to 850 stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs every year. We provide veterinary care, cover the cost of neutering every single dog placed for adoption, employ a specialist behaviour consultant to work with dogs on site and aim to improve the overall welfare facilities for the dogs. We also advertise the dogs available on our popular social media to help them find their perfect forever homes and aim to educate the general public on responsible dog ownership. 



We can't wait to help support this wonderful charity in 2024, so please stay tuned for more happy doggies on our social media in the coming months!