2022/23 School Bus Passes 26/07/2022

***Update Sept 2022***

Please note, as stated back in July, cash/card payments made on the school bus will be as follows: a single child ticket is £2.10 and a return child ticket is £3.20

No other tickets will be acceptable, besides these school online passes, single & returns, plus council passes. 


No Pass, No Travel

Your child will be required to pay a bus fare on-board the school bus or show a valid Adventure Travel M-ticket/physical school or council pass.

(Service tickets are not valid on school buses) 

We can refuse travel, and the school may contact you to arrange other transportation. 


July 2022

Our 2022/23 school bus prices will be.  

Full School Year - £470.00 (Paper Ticket/M-Ticket)
Term 1 - £200.00 (Paper Ticket/M-Ticket)
Term 2 - £178.00 (Paper Ticket/M-Ticket)
Term 3 - £157.00 (Paper Ticket/M-Ticket)

Single - £2.10 (M-Ticket & cash on bus)
Return - £3.20 (M-Ticket & cash on bus) 
4-Weekly - £58 (M-Ticket only)

Please note that termly and annual passes only offer a discount when compared to purchasing a daily ticket and do not reserve a seat on the vehicle. Like previous years we will offer tickets by physical passes and m-tickets. We are unable to offer a physical pass and M-Ticket for the same passenger, so should the child not have access to mobile data on their phone, a physical pass will be needed instead of an M-Ticket.

Purchase tickets HERE.

At present we are unable to accept payment over the phone. To pay by card please purchase an M-Ticket, then email us with the confirmation of purchase requesting a physical ticket. The M-Ticket will be cancelled and a paper ticket sent to you. 

Email us at Opsadmin@AdventureTravel.Cymru

Should your child lose their pass we charge £10 to replace lost or stolen passes. This covers the administration and postage of sending a new pass, further information can be found in our Conditions of Carriage

For all applications please use the two methods above.

For Terms & Conditions please click here.