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Timetable changes from 31st August 2021

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Pontypridd - Oaklands

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Tickets & Fares

Adventure Daytripper

For use on all Adventure Travel Services within the Bridgend, Cardiff, Pontypridd, and Porthcawl areas.

Porthcawl Daytripper

For travel between Bridgend and Porthcawl on the 404 service

Pontypridd Day

Pontypridd Week

Pontypridd Week

Pontypridd Week

Pontypridd 4-Weekly

Pontypridd 4-Weekly

Onboard Tickets are not available on this route at present

Route Guide

  • Oaklands Terminus, Cilfynydd
  • Oakland Terrace, Cilfynydd
  • Oakland Stores, Cilfynydd
  • Beulah, Cilfynydd
  • Mary Street, Cilfynydd
  • Cilfynydd Inn
  • Commercial Hotel, Cilfynydd
  • Albion Flats, Cilfynydd
  • Kings Hill, Cilfynydd
  • Norton Bridge Methodists, Pontshonnorton
  • Ysgol Pontsionnorton, Pontshonnorton
  • Royal Oak Inn, Pontshonnorton
  • Dodington Place, Maesycoed
  • Bonvilston Road, Coed-Pen-Maen
  • Crossways, Trallwn
  • Central Hotel, Trallwn